My visit to Inamo St James Restaurant

On Friday the 22nd of August my family took me to Inamo St James Restaurant in London.
I thought it would be a regular restaurant but it wasn't.
In fact it is a very special restaurant and if you would like to find out more about it you can watch my video link which is right below you.
I would recommend this restaurant. It is a restaurant like no other because there is an interactive table where you can order your food by technology which sends your order straight to the kitchen. You can also use the Chef cam to watch the chefs in the kitchen and even play some games while you are waiting for your food to arrive.
Click on the link below to see my video
Maya's Review of Inamo St James

I hope you enjoy my video I thought the food was delicious and bursting with flavor. As I said on the video I had tiger prawns, chicken satay, edame beans and rice to eat and lemonade to drink.

Choosing what I would like to eat
My delicious food arrives!
My succulent tiger prawn dish

Choosing a side order

Checking out what the chefs are doing on Chef Cam

Changing the table cloth

Checking my order
I would rate this restaurant with 4 out of 5 stars!


  1. This restaurant was so much fun; and the food was really good too!


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